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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Meet Our TVD FAN OF THE WEEK: Chelle! AKA @TVDSweetness

Congratulations Chelle on being chosen as our TVD fan of the week!  Learn more about this super-fan & be sure to connect with her on Twitter (you'll love her TVD updates)!  Become our next TVD fan of the week when you participate in our TVD trivia on Insticator.

Introduce yourself:
My name is Chelle and you can find me on twitter, @TVDSweetness.

Favorite thing about The Vampire Diaries:
It shows that family is what you make of it. So many characters have lost love ones over the years to death or abandonment and their friendship are what's holding them together and make them stronger. Their friends have become their family and I like have it reflects on real life.

Favorite character(s):
Damon Salvatore, Bonnie Bennett, and Katherine Pierce.

Favorite season:
If I had to choose a favorite season, it'd have to be season 2. Most of my favorite episodes of TVD come from this season. My favorite actors on the show, Ian Somerhalder and Kat Graham did some of their best work during this season. I still tear up when I think about 2x18 The Last Dance for so many reasons. It was such a well written, directed, and acted episode of television. 

Favorite ship?
My favorite ship is...well that's a hard question to answer. My favorite ship from the original books by LJ Smith is Bamon. Most of the ships I like to watch on the show involve Damon. His obsession with Katherine had me totally intrigued. I liked their dynamic. I also enjoyed the build up to Delena but don't care for them as a couple. I've come to love Bamon on the show too. Bonnie and Damon have an interesting love/hate dynamic that could prove to be fire in the relationship department! I like that they will both sacrifice themselves for the people they love. I hope during this upcoming season their bond will grow closer, be it friendship or a relationship. My non-canon favorite ship is Dalaric/Team Badass. Damon and Alaric's scenes have lead to some interesting non-canon fan written stories and art.

Favorite Song:
There has been so many great songs over the seasons. Chris Mollere and team have done an amazing job with selecting songs that fit every scene. I think the one song I've listened to the most has been Stateless' Bloodstream. It is actually my alarm for TVD. I have an alarm set for 15 minutes before the show begins! The show also introduced me to this great Texas band, Sleeperstar. Their song 'I Was Wrong' was used in that epic scene where Damon confesses his love to Elena and then compels the memory away. I've caught Sleeperstar live and they put on a kickass show! 

Season 6 predictions/wishes:
During season 6, I'd love to see more elements from the original books weaved into the show and used in the  Damon and Bonnie storyline. I hope that we get to see Caroline and Stefan become an actual couple. I think her optimism could bring out the fun side of Stefan. I just want to see a smiling Stefan! I'd love to see Damon and Stefan hug it out when they reunite. Now that Jeremy, Matt, and Tyler are all technically human, I'd love to see them just enjoying being human! I'd like to see Elena become an independent woman and focus on herself without needing 'a Salvatore on each arm' I'm always excited when new characters are added to the show too! I just can't wait to see what Julie Plec, Caroline Dries, and the writers have for us this season! I know it'll be EPIC!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Coming Back to UK Cinemas: The Anomaly Movie Starring Ian Somerhalder!

Awesome news for our UK fans!

The Anomaly Movie, starring Ian Somerhalder, was such a hit that they're bringing it back to cinemas! Don't miss your second chance to see the sci-fi, thriller when it returns to theaters on August, 1st, 2nd, and 6th. Check out The Anomaly Movie's official Facebook announcement below.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Damon and Elena win 'Ship of The Year' at MTVu Fandom Awards

Thrilling news for The Vampire Diaries Delena fans!  The sexy on-screen couple took home the award for "Ship of The Year' at the MTVu Fandom Awards, which aired last night on MTV.  Below, we have a clip of Ian and Nina's 'Thank You' message to fans and if you ask us, these two certainly know how to pull off an acceptance speech.  Congratulations to Ian, Nina, and all the fans who helped make it happen. You guys rock!

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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Happy Cool Talks To Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley, Kat Graham, Matt Davis, & Julie Plec

Ian, Paul, Kat, Matt, and The Vampire Diaries EP, Julie Plec, sat to chat with Happy Cool at Comic Con this past weekend. Check out what they had to say.

The Vampire Diaries Takes Comic Con: Check Out The Best Recaps!

As usual, some of our favorite reporters were on the scene at this year's SDCC event. Here's a handy little list of the best Vampire Diaries recaps from Comic Con.

The Vampire Diaries Takes Comic Con: Cast Interviews Caught on Camera!

Two new cast interviews brought to you by this year's San Diego Comic Con.  First up, we have Ian and Paul who get silly on MTV's SDCC livestream.  Next, The Vampire Diaries cast members in attendance spill on season six to Clevver News. Check 'em out below and stay tuned for more updates on The Vampire Diaries at Comic Con.