Friday, April 25, 2014

TVD Season 5 Finale, Episode 22 'Home': Images and Synopsis.

It's finally here and it has been a long ride. But things are not over yet for our Mystic Falls gang. Dive in to the official press release of The Vampire Diaries Finale 'Home', images and synopsis.

AN EXPLOSIVE SEASON FINALE — Heartbroken by an unexpected tragedy, Damon (Ian Somerhalder) is focused on holding himself together, while pushing Bonnie (Kat Graham) harder than ever to find a way to stop the disintegration of the Other Side. Elena (Nina Dobrev) takes matters into her own hands and demands that Liv (guest star Penelope Mithcell) and Luke (guest star Chris Broshu) help her, but Liv refuses to cooperate until Caroline (Candice Accola) provides her with some personal motivation. Sheriff Forbes (guest star Marguerite MacIntyre) is horrified when Markos (guest star Raffi Barsoumian) uses violence against Tyler/Julian (Michael Trevino) to prove that Mystic Falls is now under the control of the Travelers. With new information from Sheriff Forbes, Damon comes up with a dangerous plan that relies on split-second timing from Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) and Matt (Zach Roerig). Liv’s off-hand remark regarding Stefan (Paul Wesley) gets a surprisingly emotional response from Caroline. As conditions on the Other Side worsen, Bonnie takes the opportunity to settle an old score. Finally, Damon’s plan causes a massive explosion in Mystic Falls, and everyone is caught up in the confusion, leaving a trail of heroism, sacrifice, relief and despair. Chris Grismer directed the episode written by Caroline Dries & Brian Young (#522).

Source: KsiteTV Photos: The CW

Thursday, April 24, 2014

What does Markos need with Doppelganger Blood?

With the possible destruction of the other side and the end of the Doppelganger prophecy courtesy of the traveler leader Markos, the question now is will there ever be anymore Doppelgangers? And what does Markos plan to do with the Doppelganger's blood. We know that Markos intends to destroy all magic and the other side. Is that what the blood is for or is it something more sinister?  This fan thinks it has more to do with the residents of the other side.  Last week we all saw Vicky (Kayla Ewell) pulled out and into somewhere else.  Is she now where Katherine went?  Or has she passed on to the "better" place all of the residents hope to go someday.  With some of our favorite and most loved characters like Alaric, Lexi, Grams, and yes even Kol and Mikael there, will the blood be used to bring some or all of them back to the living?  And what of our beloved Bonnie? She is a Ghost and the Anchor to the other side.  Will destruction of the other side mean destruction for Bonnie or a new life?
This also effects our friends in New Orleans as the preview for the upcoming Originals (airdate 1/29/2014) shows Mikael (Sebastian Roche) reeking havoc on Klaus and Hayley.  Is it only a dream or has Mikael been able to break the barrier and re enter our world? As both season finales approach we are excited to see how it ends, but we will be missing our favorite shows all summer.

The Originals - A Closer Walk with Thee Trailer

The Problematic Entitlement of Fans by Alexa Hoyle

After witnessing an increase in negative fan behavior, Alexa Hoyle took to her blog to put the issue into perspective.  The post has made it's way around social media and we highly suggest giving it a read. Whether you've been a victim of or simply witnessed the bullying that has ensued as result of disagreements between fans and show runners, we can all conclude that the lack of respect sucks the fun out of what is supposed to be a form of entertainment.  So, let's take a deep breathe, kick the drama to the curb, and put the enjoyment back into what once was an exciting thing to be a part of. Check out Alexa's blog post below.  

These days it seems that fans of television shows are becoming more and more entitled. I’m very confused about why people seem to think that television shows owe them something they have not earned. Fans of shows like  “The Originals” and “The Vampire Diaries” constantly bombard showrunners and writers with disrespect yet somehow think they are owed respect back to them. If you don’t like a show not one is forcing you to watch it. Television watching is a completely voluntary practice.

I’m also confused about why people would want their petitions and suggestions put into practice on a show. Television shows aren’t in the business of giving every viewer what they want; that’s the magic. There are ups and downs, and dramatic twists and turns that we don’t see coming. If writers suddenly dropped their plans and pandered to overzealous fans than what would television be? A predictable, boring mess.

And on another note, fans... Read more HERE