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Monday, July 22, 2013

TVD Season 5- Promo Trailer - First Look at Season Five!

As many of you already know our favorite residents of Mystic Falls spent the weekend at Comic-Con taking photos, doing interviews and giving the fans a taste of what to expect in the upcoming season of TVD. This is probably one the best promos I’ve seen from this franchise to date. Regardless of whether you are Team Stefan or Team Damon, there is so much that has been building between those three over the last four seasons and it all culminates into so much more than what we ever expected it would be in season five.
Elena is a vampire. Not a newborn, but a vampire. She has dealt with the jittery jump start, she has dealt with the “death” of Jeremy (and every other family member she has ever had), she has dealt with Katherine (for now) and she said goodbye to her first epic love, Stefan. Now she’s moving on to college unaware of Bonnie’s passing & unaware that Stefan’s current residence is 20,000 leagues under the sea--- how long will it take her and Damon to figure out that Stefan isn’t just avoiding them because he’s hurt… he’s actually gone?
Well if the promo trailer is any indication of the upcoming season then the audience is in for one hell of a ride. The promo gives us a beautiful recap of the past four seasons and pays tribute the relationship that Stefan and Elena had, but it also shows the relationship that had been building between Damon and Elena really unbeknownst to either of them at times. The last minute or so shows the audience what we can expect from Silas in the upcoming season and believe me when I say that IT. IS. EPIC. Enjoy!


  1. its alright but it should've given more about the comin season so it would look much more intersting but in the end ii knw im still gonna watch it

    1. I agree! Though they are in the process of filming this season so I'm sure there wasn't a whole lot of finished footage they could have shared with us--- We can expect a full trailer by the end of the summer. We'll be sure to post it as soon as it's released! :)